Decorations for Savoring Sewickley 15

by Shannon Hancherick

The old saying goes, you don’t fix what’s not broken. But that doesn’t mean you can’t update the old. That’s how co­chairs of Savoring Sewickley, Leslie Riker and Teresa Duff, feel when it comes to this year’s decorations. “We wanted to stay true to the heart of the event, but update the decor,” said Riker. Until now, Savoring Sewickley’s decor was very traditional and looked to flower arrangements to add color to the event. Janet Huddleston, committee member, has been the creative mind behind the event’s decorations for the last four years. Huddleston wanted to turn over a new leaf for 2014, and update the event’s decor. This year, guests will see a new look to the library space; which will transformed to an upscale venue. Black burlap table runners will add a luxurious lair to the event. White pumpkins will adorn tables and seating areas. Sparkling star cutouts will dangle from from the ceiling, reminiscent of the stars outside during the evening event. When asked of their inspiration, Duff and Riker both agreed that a shabby chic elegance is what would best describe the affair. The event will once again feature flowers from Sewickley’s local garden clubs; Village Garden Club, The Little Garden Club, Edgeworth Garden Club, and Trowel and Error Garden. Grapevine Garden Club will be contributing their own arrangement to the event. Nancy Rostek, Friends of the Library member, is helping to coordinate the effort between the Library and the garden clubs. “In dreaming up these arrangements, I was inspired by the beautiful fall colors at this time of the year,” says Rostek, who will be designing all of the arrangements. This years’ blooms will be arranged in black vases and will showcase prismatic fall blooms. Fall mums will grace the outside patio of the Library, courtesy of Village Garden Club. Flowers for this year’s event will be from Pittsburgh Cut Flowers. Located on Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh Cut Flowers is the area’s premiere flower wholesaler. Between the food, the company, and the fabulous decorations, Chapter 15 of Savoring Sewickley is bound to be a best seller.

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