The Story of Savoring

The first Savoring Sewickley, Chapter 1, was hosted by the Friends of the Sewickley Public Library in October 2000.  Before moving to the Sewickley area, Don Reinhardt, owner of the Sewickley Café, had hosted the Taste of Louisville, which involved coordinating over 100 restaurants for a food sampling.  When he moved to Sewickley he shared this wonderful concept with the Friends.

Savoring Sewickley is one of the Quaker Valley area’s most popular annual fundraisers.  Interestingly enough, the event has not changed much!  Throughout the past 17 years the FOSPL has maintained the low key yet slightly urbane ambiance of the event.  The fundraiser is as much for our library supporters as it is for raising funds.  And just as important as our supporters are the chefs and restaurants who provide the delicious small plates for us to sample.  Their generosity is twofold in donating their time and ingredients.

Looking back it’s doubtful that the Friends of the Library thought they would be hosting 17 Savoring Sewickley fundraisers in 17 consecutive years.  How many more chapters of Savoring Sewickley will we be adding to Sewickley Public Library’s story?  The fundraiser is a keeper for us.  Thank you to all the past and present Friends, Don, the supportive staff and all our donors for 17 years of Savoring Success!

Savoring Sewickley 16 (2015) Gallery

Savoring Sewickley 15 (2014) Gallery

Savoring Sewickley 14 (2013) Gallery

2012 Savoring Sewickley Gallery


Samuel Andres was our DJ this year!